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NIWIS Dashboard Help for Navigation

Overview and brief description of dashboard icons

full screen icon
Full Screen
The map is displayed on the full screen when the user clicks once on the button. Click the button a second time to restore the dashboard to display the table and graphs also.
Map Legend< icon
Map Legend
The legend of the map is displayed. The map is color-coded according to the legend colours. Click on the to remove the legend.
Zoom In icon
Zoom In
The user is able to zoom into the map.
Home icon
The map zooms to display the whole map of the country, the default map size.
Zoom Out icon
Zoom Out
The user is able to zoom out of the map.
Navigating on the map
To display another area of the map, hold the left mouse button in and drag the mouse.
Map Hover icon
Hover over Map Symbol
When the user hover over an indicator on the map, the value of the indicator will be displayed on the map.
Map Coordinates icon
Map Coordinates
The coordinates of the position on the map are displayed in the bottom left corner of the map.
Filter icon
The user can select certain options available from the filter button.
Information icon
The information page is displayed, which provides more information about the dashboard.
Chart Download icon
Chart Download
The graph or data can be downloaded to various file formats.
Table and Map Download icon
Table and Map Download
The download button to download the data or map to a specific file format.
Search icon
Type in the name of the area you want to search for next to the button and press Enter.